Lynne Hayden, living and working in the Sands Community

Who lives here?

Lynne, daughters Charlotte and Sophie, and Jack (our toy cavoodle) who drives us a little nuts guarding the house and barking at the golfers.

How did you get here?

I grew up in Albury, we had a home in town and ran a 2,000 acre cattle farm. Every weekend before and after school was spent working on the farm.

Fast forward a few years… I met a guy, fell in love and after securing a marketing role at Target HQ made the move to the coast. After one year in the role and at the age of 22, I transitioned into real estate – selling stage 2 of the Sands Torquay. I have never looked back.

When did you move to the Sands and why did you purchase land in the Sands?

We purchased land in 1999 – Stephen’s idea! He was always speculating to accumulate. He dragged me out here (the Sands) … I was 24. All I could think was ‘why would we live on a golf course we don’t play golf’. We sat on the roof of his car as he explained to me, “it’s like living on the farm but someone else maintains it. If we can’t have ocean views lets at least have an aspect. It’s unlike anywhere else in Torquay”. SOLD and we never looked back.

We built our first home on the second smallest lot in the estate, 412sqm; 7 Sands Tce. Over the next 10 years we built more than 25 homes in the Sands – three of which we have lived in.

What has been your experience? Have your expectations been met – for you, for the kids?

We love the Sands. The community, open space, proximity to the beach plus all the additional amenity benefits: kids swimming and tennis to the coffee and meals at the club. There is a sense of community and security that comes from living in such a small estate, something we take comfort in.

The estate journey, what are your views of its development, the early days, highs and lows – the future as you see it?

There were definitely moments when the estate lost its way. I am a big believer of ‘you get back what you put in’. It’s what you make of it. The girls and I have always made use of what the club has to offer.

With so many new residents moving into the Sands the future is underpinned by all the energy they are bringing. Long term I know our real estate will continue to grow ahead of the traditional market – supply and demand; there’s only one golf course estate so close to the beach, schools and within 2.7kms to the town centre.

Your business, its growth and its involvement in the estate’s development?

In 2007, I was offered a role with Mirvac selling the townhouses on fairways one and two. It was during this time Links Property evolved.

Links is now 12 years old – we have grown to an all female team of seven ‘digital girls living in a digital world’, managing 250 homes from Jan Juc to the Sands Torquay. In fact, we have connected more than 4,000 families to the coast – by way of leasing and selling homes.

This year we were ranked Torquay’s number one real estate agent for four months on the number of homes sold and listed in the 3228 postcode. I pride myself on keeping across all the amazing changes happening in and around the club/estate. We practice what we preach – we live here.

Any interesting tidbits about individuals or events?

There are so many clever and talented people living in the Sands from surgeons, CEOs, self employed to entrepreneurs.

One of my highlights was the original ‘steak night’ – back in the ‘hay day’ it wasn’t uncommon for 100-120 neighbours to enjoy steak night and a glass of wine at the club. I also loved the music concert series we did with the likes of James Reyne and Kate Ceberano visiting the estate. And of course, the annual Community Christmas Drinks, complete with Santa arriving on the golf buggy – a wonderful time for the families of our community.

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