The social sub-committee is responsible for planning, managing and delivering a range of social activities to the Sands community each year. It is also responsible for supporting and developing clubs and group activities within the Sands community.

The Social Committee – Objectives

  • The Owners Corporation 1 Social Committee will develop a strong community spirit where all residents feel proud to be part of our inclusive community.
  • The Social Committee will take an active interest in the Sands Community, including the cultural, social and physical welfare. It aims to keep residents connected through a range of activities including sports, culture and entertainment.
  • The Social Committee will encourage Community spirit by providing opportunities for contact and communication between full time and part time residents.
  • Current activities include Craft, Morning Tea, and social Tennis.
  • The Social Committee will promote social functions including family events, trivia nights, concerts, dinners, lunches, fundraising events and other activities. Some functions will be free for residents, others will be appropriately priced. Functions where non-residents are included will incur a higher price for those non-residents.
  • The Social Committee will work with the Hotel General Manager and/or Marketing and Events Coordinator, to ensure social activities are not duplicated and suitable catering is provided within the OC1 budget.

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