The Sands Community is very lucky to have so many residents who enjoy our natural surrounds, whether it’s the ocean, the sand dunes, our wetlands or the local wildlife. We are all lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

One of the The Sands residents Geoff Gates, is a lover of bird life and also an accomplished photographer. If any of us amateur photographers have tried to photograph birds you’ll soon realise it takes plenty of patience and skill. The beauty of what Geoff is able to achieve is quite magical. Geoff has been kind enough to share some of these photos with us.

If you see Geoff working through our wetlands dressed in camouflaged gear and carrying a large lens, you can now be sure he is photography the winged variety of birds in all their splendour.


Horsfield’s Bronze-cuckoo – Karaaf Wetland. 

A breeding migrant to Southern Australia, when they parasitise the nests of fairy-wrens, thornbills & chats. Present Spring through Summer.


Nankeen Kestrel

Birdlife at The Sands – Gallery

Photographed by Geoff Gates

Wildlife at The Sands – Gallery

Photographed by various residents

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