The Owners Corporation Act 2006 Version 7 defines the functions and powers of an Owners Corporation such as exists for the Sands Estate. The Owners Corporation Regulations 2007 Version 2  outline the model rules under which an owners corporation should operate.

Body Corporate Rules for OC1, OC2 and OC4 detail the rules under which the various Sands Estate OCs currently operate.

5 easy to rules to follow when living in The Sands

  1. Front and rear gardens: Only native and predominately indigenous plants in planting and landscaping their properties front and rear areas
  2. External colours & finishes: When repainting the outside of your home, always use the ARC approved range of colours
  3. Caravans & Boats: Can only be stored on a Lot if they can be completely screened from public view
  4. No Parking on Nature Strips: Vehicles are NOT to be parked on nature strips, this not only damages the nature strip and the infrastructure it is illegal under Section 197 (1) of the Victorian Road Safety Road Rules
  5. Rubbish Bins: Where possible, all bins must be stored behind a fence or hidden from view
  6. Cats: Must be confined in owner’s premises between sunset & sunrise

For more in-depth information about rules within The Sands Estate, download a copy from the list opposite.

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