Sands Audit

In 2021 the OC Committee engaged Wayne Reid to conduct a compliance audit of the properties in The Sands Estate. Mr Reid was a founding member of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) here at The Sands and has extensive understanding of The Sands Building Codes and Guidelines.

Over time non approved colors, plantings and fencing have emerged which disrupt the intended look and feel of this estate. The audit was conducted to ensure that these fundamentals the ARC set out to achieve in its inception was being maintained to this day in order to maintain a consistency and hopefully preserve our home values into the future.

The results of the audit found approximately 1 in 4 houses that had some form of non-compliance against The Sands Building Code and Owners Corporation Rules. 

The Committee is working together to find the best way to move forward dealing with these findings and would like to kindly ask all lot owners to become familiar with the guidelines on The Sands Community website (Sands Estate Plans & Codes) especially when it comes to approved paint colours and plant species.

The OC Committee understands that overtime trends change and have been looking at ways the Sands can move with these trends and as such has updated both the planting guidelines with more plants and the updated paint colors. Although there has been changes the fundamentals and philosophy still remain the same.

If anyone is unsure of their obligations, please feel free to reach out to your committee and we can try to resolve it.

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