The Sands Owners Corporation (OC) manages estate services and programs that meet the requirements of the OC Act with sound financial management with the objective of delivering these programs and services efficiently and equitably.

Owners Corporation Committee

The Sands community elects the OC committee annually at its Annual General meeting. The OC committee operates with a number of sub-committees to ensure that the programs and services are managed efficiently and equitably.

The Finance Sub Committee works with the OC Manager (Whittles) to manage the cash inflows (including arrears) and cash outflows and ensure good governance. The Finance Sub Committee oversees the development of the Estate’s financial budget and makes recommendations to the OC committee relating to the investment of surplus funds and the setting of the future years fee structures

The OC committee has appointed a manager, Whittles to assist with the secretarial duties, financial management, property maintenance and audit of the OC trust accounts.

The current committee has the following membership:

  • Andy McCauley – Chairman, Communications & Finance
  • Mary Ferguson – Deputy Chairman, Communications & Community Initiatives
  • Adam Cunningham – Communications & Community Initiatives
  • Austin Swain – Estate Maintenance
  • Guy Feast – Health Club
  • Jan Selvay – Health Club
  • Julie Roncon – Communications & Community Initiatives
  • Katie Reaper – Communications & Health Club
  • Morven Foster – Health Club & Security
  • Steven Reaper – Finance & Maintenance
  • Joel Chamberlain – Strata Manager from Whittles

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