Setting the ‘real estate trends’

The Sands Estate in particular has continued to grow ahead of the traditional market values. The median house price sits at $1,100,000, $180,000 more than the overall Torquay median house price [...]

Over 1,000 new plantings

Australian Ecosystems was awarded the contract to remove the Surfcoast’s designated weeds from the 8.14 ha of common property and the typha from the waterways.

Weir Works Update

Over the past three months repairs have been completed for Weirs 1 (near the 2nd Tee), Weir 3 (half way down the 8th fairway) and Weir 4 (opposite the 9th Tee).

Environmental Management Plan (EMP)

The Surf Coast Shire Council has now agreed that the 2002 Ecology Australia EMP is the valid one. There has subsequently been two further EMPs, one by Fisher and Fisher (2004) and the last one by [...]

Sheoaks pruned, canopies reduced

There are 574 Sheoaks planted on the nature strips in the Sands Estate. Originally when the Sands Estate was being developed the landscape architects recommended the Sheoak because it was iconic [...]