Two of our first ever residents, Libby and Brian Fuller

Who lives here?

Libby and Brian Fuller

How did you get here?

We had already retired and were living in our renovated beach house in Jan Juc when the Sands development first was advertised. The decision to upsize came as the result of our family blossoming in size and more room was required. Thirteenth Beach golf estate was an option at the time, but the Sands was preferred because we could remain in the Torquay community.

When did you purchase land and ultimately move into your new home?

In early 2002, the first release of land at the Sands Estate was for sale. The developers organised a social function for the launch, where interested buyers (in groups of five at a time), were invited into a room to view the Estate Plan showing the blocks for sale and their respective prices. We selected our block, signed a contract titled “draft” and started the search for a builder.

In November 2002, our slab was poured and Mark Gleeson built our beautiful home. We moved into our house on 25th June 2003 and we have been thrilled with our decision ever since. It did feel very strange at first being the only house, but quickly other houses popped up around us and it was all very exciting, albeit very dusty.

The estate journey, what are your views of its development, the early days, highs and lows – the future as you see it?

The clubhouse was not built when we first moved in, nor was the golf course or the lakes system, we have watched this whole wonderful project develop. After the clubhouse was finished, Mirvac managed it and they did a wonderful job. The staff were very efficient and friendly and it felt like an extension to our home.

As for the future, we hope that the new owners will continue to maintain and develop this estate to its full potential.

Any interesting tidbits about individuals or events?

We have a great tidbit for you: Stuart Appleby 9-time PGA winner posed with us for a promotional photograph on our slab.

There were two restaurants, fine dining and a bistro. We had numerous summer concerts, including James Morrison (300 people attended – including dinner) and Kate Ceberano to name just a couple. Management eventually changed and of course so did a lot of other things that we had grown to accept and enjoy. Nevertheless, we have never stopped loving being part of this community.

How are you involved in the Sands Community?

We continue to enjoy this wonderful golf course and the use of the health club is also a great asset. It’s such a privilege living in such a great environment and with neighbours!

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