Support your neighbours

Many of our residents are self-isolating and may not be able to go out to the supermarket, pharmacy, posting mail etc. Letterbox drops are an ideal way to offer help as they allow social-distancing and give the recipient a chance to tell you what they really need. But remember – before you go spreading love, you need to follow official health guidelines to make sure you’re not spreading anything else.

Services you can offer that don’t involve physical contact might include:

  • Delivering groceries or medical supplies
  • Mowing the lawn or doing weeding
  • A friendly chat over the fence (at a distance of at least 1.5 metres) or on the phone

If you feel you can offer assistance to any of your neighbours please fill in the ‘kindness note‘ and pop one in their letterbox.

Speed limits

During the holiday period please remember to slow down and keep a watch for children playing games in the streets.

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