Lakes & Waterways Report September 2019

Australian Ecosystems Onsite Visit and Report

September: This was our first visit to the site. Australian Ecosystems found that the weed cover was low to moderate in areas of the site. Most of our time was spend controlling invasive grass species like fesuce and Phalaris. When larger patches of these grasses discovered they were left. We do not want to cause an unsightly area or increase the risk of erosion. The largest problem weed that was discovered on site was boneseed. This shrub spreads very quickly and can take over native vegetation quickly. All plants were cut, painted and removed form site.

December 2019: During this visit we will be focusing our time on removing the Typha that is in the waterway. We will be doing this by cutting the plant, spraying the stumps and removing the vegetation off site.

Broadleaf weeds love to germinate during late spring and early summer so we would anticipate that we would need to control these weeds as well

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