Who has access to the Coast Pool?

Dear Members of The Sands Owners Corporation – Torquay,

I am writing to you today in relation to the swimming pool complex nearby, which is located within The Coast Owners Corporation development.

Please note that this complex does not form part of the The Sands Owners Corporation, and as such is considered private property.

There has been growing concern that members of The Sands Owners Corporation have been seen illegally accessing this area by climbing over the protective barrier fence which is both a health and safety concern, and constitutes illegal trespass.

We ask that you give the request to refrain from entering this property serious consideration, and confirm this with any tenants and family members within the property as anyone caught within The Coast Owners Corporation area moving forward may be reported to the police and may be liable to prosecution.

I thank you for your consideration relating to this matter.

Please contact michael.platt@whittles.com.au if you require any clarification in relation to this.

Warm regards,

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