Weir Works – Weir 5 to begin soon

Over the past three months repairs have been completed for Weirs 1 (near the 2nd Tee), Weir 3 (half way down the 8th fairway) and Weir 4 (opposite the 9th  Tee).

All these weirs were leaking and the rubber strips which were fixed to their tops were damaged. The contract was awarded to FD Civil and the weirs were repaired and their level raised to enable more water to be stored. The stone work (before and behind each weir) was enhanced to protect the weir structure and to spread the water flow.
The weirs will only require minimal maintenance for the next 20 years.

The repair of Weir 5 will commence next week. This weir is the largest, had deteriorated badly and needed to be replaced. Weir 5 is the last weir in The Sands before the water is released into the Kraaf Wetlands. Stage 1 will be moving the golf course irrigation pipe from under where the new weir wall will be constructed to beside it. Once this has been done a new concrete weir wall will be constructed on top of a concrete road way. This work is again being undertaken by FD Civil and should be completed by mid September.

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