The Sands Estate Recommended Planting List for Indigenous and Native Plants

A review the original planting list for The Sands was undertaken in June and a new has been added to the Website. The new list removed plants that were:

  1. Hard to get.
  2. Hard to grow.
  3. Dangerous for domestic gardens (prickly, poisonous etc.).
  4. Unsuited for residential gardens (too large, drop limbs, need heavy pruning etc.).

Additional indigenous and native plants that were easy to get, easy to grow, did not require major maintenance and importantly added colour and are bird attracting were added.

A photographic library to accompany the list was also added.

It should be emphasized that existing plants that have been removed from the recommended list will remain in existing gardens, but as residents renovate their gardens, we would hope they will replace these plants with those from the new list.

Download a copy of the Indigenous and Native Plants 

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