The Owners Corporation Security sub-committee manages the Estate security with the aim of improving the quality of life within our community and raising awareness. This in turn assists the residents by minimising preventable crime and promoting closer community ties.

The Sands Security information

Security Patrols

Hume Security has been appointed for a further 12 months to provide random security patrols (with marked cars) each night with increased patrols on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Additional patrols have been organised for all holiday periods, ie: christmas, Easter, School holidays and Schoolies. The sub-committee will change these arrangements if necessary and continue to moniter the program.

Neighbourhood Watch

  • Additional signage installed on St Georges Way and Chart Hills Place;
  • Additional NHW bin stickers & letter box plaques are available from the committee. If you require any of these items please advise through the following email address

Incident Report

A report of an alleged “peeping tom” incident was received and the police were notified accordingly. This incident was investigated but the person in question could not be located.

If any resident is witness to something they deem suspicious please call 000. do not ring Humes Security to report these incidents as contacting them directly will incur a call out fee which would be at residents expense.

Links Drive Bridge

As many of you would be aware there was an accident on Links Drive whereby a vehicle smashed through the bridge railing. The driver was detained by police following the accident. Police will be following up with appropriate action. Repair works on the bridge is in the hands of the Surf Coast Shire Council and we will keep you informed of progress.

Speeding Traffic Report

A reminder to all that the ADVISORY speed for vehicles within the Sands Estate is 40 km/hr. In the interests of safety to all residents and specifically our children we need to slow down. We have many children as well as pets in the estate that have a propensity to wander out on the road. Being prepared for such occurrences will certainly assist in keeping everyone safe.

Reports of children playing around the Lakes

There have been a few reports of children playing around the lakes within the estate. Please do not allow your children to play around these areas as the consequences could be disastrous. The Lakes are extremely deep and cold and therefore dangerous.


Hume Security has been appointed for a further 12 months to provide random security patrols each night with increased patrols on Friday.

Home Security Checklist

Owners Corporation has supplied us with a Guide to Home Security check list. Please click on the button below to download this helpful PDF.


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