Owners Corporation 1 (OC1) – Why does it exist? Who are its members?

The Sands OC1 is formed by 400 stand-alone house lots (lots 1 – 400), 102 townhouses in The Coast (lots 401 – 500B), 24 townhouses between Sands Boulevard and Sands Terrace (lots 501 – 524), 100 hotel rooms in Peppers (lots 601 – 700), 36 townhouses in 12 Lahinch Mews (lots 801 – 836), the golf course (lots G and G1) and lot S26 which has currently commenced development, with planning approval for 8 townhouses. Each of the townhouse developments in The Sands also have their own separate owners corporation to manage and maintain the common property exclusive to their particular development.

OC1 owns and is responsible for the maintenance of their common property which is the lake and the waterways flowing through the estate, the five weirs which drop the water levels to the level of the Kraaf Wetlands and the 8.14 ha of land between the waterways and the lot owners properties. All lot owners above are members of OC1.

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