The maintenance sub-committee is responsible for the mowing and maintenance of the estate’s nature strips via a contract which has recently been renewed with the golf course maintenance team. The sub-committee is also responsible for the maintenance of the trees in the common areas and on the nature strips.

Estate Maintenance

The Sands’ lakes are central to storm water management across North Torquay, consolidating flows and “filtering” a significant amount of the storm water run-off before discharging into the Karaaf Wetlands.

In addition to this very important function, the lakes are a delicate ecosystem that is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, and provide aesthetic and other qualities much valued by the residents of the Sands.

Nature Strips

A three year agreement is in place with WCG to maintain the nature strips and the common areas of the Sands Estate. It includes a detailed schedule of works by month which will form the basis of tracking and reporting performance. A PDF summary of the maintenance schedule is available for download on this page.

Following from the recommendation of the arborist, who recently audited the estate’s street trees, six dead or dying trees posing some risk have been cut down.  Stump removal is imminent and once completed replacement Sheoak trees will be planted.  The focus now is to establish an on-going management plan for our trees, assessing options that span varying amounts of oversight by OC1 and/or Council.


The new signage that alerts residents to upcoming nature strip mowing events continues to have good effect with far fewer nature strips not being mowed because of vehicles impeding access.

Water Quality

An independent and accredited third party testing laboratory has been appointed to periodically test the quality of the water in the lakes. We are sharing this cost with WCG. 

The testing will enable us to meet the obligations of the environmental management plan that envelopes our estate, and to monitor the success of council’s actions to minimise the sediment in the storm water run-off that enters the Sand’s lakes.

Furthermore, we are now investigating whether we can merge our lake water testing with that done by the Council across ours and other upstream sediment ponds to eliminate duplication and improve its relevance by creating a single “whole of system” picture of the effectiveness and health of the storm water run- off infrastructure (including our lakes).


Aerial photo of The Sands Estate looking from over the swamp lands back towards Torquay town centre.

Estate Tree Health Report

Drysdale based arborist “Let’s Talk About Trees” conducted a visual inspection of all street trees on the estate. You can view the report by clicking on the button below.


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