Sands Estate Planning Responsibility – show your support

The Surf Coast Shire Council (SCSC) is seeking to amend the 173 agreement which is attached to all land titles in the Sands Estate.

The 173 agreement established the ‘Architectural Review Committee’ (ARC) which was responsible for developing and implementing the ‘Building and Environmental Management Code’ (the Code). This code formed the basis of the planning controls within the Sands Estate. The ARC reviewed all planning permits and provided recommendations to the SCSC.

The SCSC is recommending that the 173 agreement be amended to remove the ARC but all the planning controls outlined in ‘The Code’ developed by the ARC be retained and formalised within the amended 173 agreement.

Your Owners Corporation Committee has now received legal advice and also consulted widely with experts in the field. They have reviewed the SCSC proposed amendments and have voted unanimously to support them. All relevant documentation with regard to the amendments can be viewed on the Sands Community website.

Queries, questions or concerns can be directed to:
Andy McCauley M: 0407 584 366
Mary Ferguson M: 0412 420 856
Paul Martonhelyi M: 0422 192 792
or the Surf Coast Shire Council.

View the full report here

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