Environmental Management Plan (EMP)

The Surf Coast Shire Council has now agreed that the 2002 Ecology Australia EMP is the valid one. There has subsequently been two further EMPs, one by Fisher and Fisher (2004) and the last one by GHD (2011). The EMP was part of the 173 agreement we all signed up to when we purchased our lots in the Sands Estate. There are 15 key elements to our EMP and the report that defines them and their objectives can be found on the Sands Community web site under the heading ‘Plans and Codes’ and then ‘Initial Flora and Fauna Assessment and EMP’. It is an interesting read especially the analysis of the plants and wildlife that existed in this area.

In the Sands Estate we are surrounded by a fragile and sensitive environment and the water that we release into the Kraaf Wetlands is impacting on both the flora and fauna in that habitat. We are currently working with the Surf Coast Shire Council to develop a strategy to minimise our impact and we intend to work with Deakin University to better understand what we can do to improve our performance. It is expected that the Kraaf Wetlands will become part of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance within the next 18 months which will increase the pressure on the Sands Estate and the Council to manage the impact on the wetlands better.

Any resident who is interested in helping us understand and manage our impacts on the native flora and fauna please email amccauley301@gmail.com

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