A stunning day, over 100 kids, an Easter Egg hunt with ‘Easter Bunny’ and guards on the entrance to the secret hiding spot….what could go wrong?

Two children and their mum approached the Sands Clubhouse from the tennis court end, wrong way! The youngest child spotted what he had been talking about with his mum, hundreds of them, Easter eggs, everywhere!! We managed to direct the eager child to the al fresco area to collect his basket, but not before he spilled the beans on the whereabouts of the eggs. The balcony became crowded with kids spotting Easter eggs and the location of the ‘big ones’. Everyone gathered on the hill in anticipation of the arrival of the Easter Bunny and the hunt. ¬†Fortunately the Easter Bunny arrived 15 minutes early and the starters gun fired.

Everybody found plenty of eggs and the Easter Bunny topped up those who were a bit short.

The finger food for both the adults and the kids was excellent and on such a great afternoon people stayed late.

Huge thanks for the day go to Mary Ferguson, Jeanette Girling, Jude Deague, Chris Deague (photographer) and the chefs for providing great platters.

– Andy McCauley


More photos from the hunt…

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