Dogo Sapien

Dogo Sapien is the unique creation of Kimberley Milburn and Megan Arnold, two Surf Coast dog lovers who realised 1; there are a lot of dogos on the Surf Coast and 2; the important role that dogos play in our lives.
So they said goodbye to the corporate world and combined their marketing and design skills to create a brand and place with products and treatments that are fun, beautiful, stylish and nurturing.
The Dogo Sapien day spa is all about reciprocating the love and joy our dogos show for us, by providing them with an experience that is calm and gentle, using products that are natural and sustainable.
The Dogo Sapien product range is made up of beautiful things loved by dogo and homo sapiens alike. Combining beauty and function to create timeless pieces that sit perfectly in your home and that your dogo will love for years to come. By sourcing fabrics and materials from around the world and using the best in local and international design, the range is a reflection of the importance we place on the quality, comfort and beauty of everything we do.
But most of all, we believe in creating joyful experiences that will benefit the wellbeing of our dogos; big and small, curly and straight, young and old.

0484 318 021

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